Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fresh: Fruit Tea Experts

Sorry for another late post. We are still studying in college and so we have heaps of assignments to complete and deadlines to meet. Anyways, this post is Aisling's first post, and I'll only help correct some of her English.

About 2 months ago we went to visit our friend at Raja Uda.
We decided to wait for her to come pick us up opposite Chung Ling Butterworth.
So we picked a random shop to sit in while we wait.
Finally we chose a nice little place called
We have totally no idea about what kinda of food they serve before entering.
" Huan Yin Guang Ling"
Taiwanese Food.
Hmm ...
We found that the pricing was quite reasonable.
And their dishes exceeded expectations. =)
That shop was obviously newly opened not long before we set foot in it.
When we went, there were only a few customers.
They deserved it! XP
Unfortunately the shop is located at Raja Uda, which is on the mainland ... far away from where we live.
My favorite ever~!
Personally, I prefer their bubble milk tea more than the Each A Cup's

The ordering counter.

The storefront.

Business hours are 11am-11pm on Mondays to Saturdays and 10:30am-8pm on Sundays.

Yakisoba (which is basically Japanese for fried noodles) - RMRM5.00

Okonomiyaki (a type of Japanese pizza) - RM8.00 (Highly recommended)

Passion QQ CoCo Green Tea - RM2.50

Grape Fruit QQ CoCo Earl Grey Tea - RM2.50

The Menu

(only cold drinks)
Special Brew (700cc)
1. Jasmine Green Tea - RM1.50
2. Earl Grey Tea - RM1.50
3. Roasted Oolong Tea - RM1.50
4. Hesperidins Roselle Tea - RM2.00
5. Plum Green Tea / Earl Grey Tea - RM2.00
6. Chrysanthemum Tea - RM1.50
7. Fresh Lemon Green / Earl Grey Tea - RM2.00
8. Roasted Oolong Green Tea - RM2.00
9. QQ CoCo Green / Earl Grey Tea - RM2.50
10. Yakult Green Tea - RM2.50

Passion Fruit (700cc)
1. Passion Green Tea - RM2.00
2. Passion QQ CoCo Green Tea - RM2.50
3. Passion CoCo Yakult Green Tea - RM3.00

Juicy Mango (700cc)
1. Mango Green Tea - RM2.00
2. Mango QQ CoCo Green Tea - RM2.50
3. Mango CoCo Yakult Green Tea - RM3.00

Sweet Peach(700cc)
1. Peach Green / Earl Grey - RM2.00
2. Peach QQ CoCo Green / Earl Grey Tea- RM2.50
3. Peach CoCo Yakult Green Tea - RM3.00

Black Current(700cc)
1. Black Current Green / Earl Grey Tea - RM2.00
2. Black Current CoCo Green / Earl Grey Tea - RM2.50
3. Black Current CoCo Yakult Green Tea - RM3.00

Pink Grape Fruit(700cc)
1. Grape Green / Earl Grey Tea - RM2.00
2. Grape QQ CoCo Green / Earl Grey Tea - RM2.50
3. Grape CoCo Yakult Green Tea - RM3.00

Red Apple(700cc)
1. Apple Green / Eral Grey Tea - RM2.00
2. Apple QQ CoCo Green / Earl Grey Tea - RM2.50
3. Apple CoCo Yakult Green Tea - RM3.00

Formosa Star Fruit(700cc)
1. Star Fruit Juice - RM1.50
2. Star Fruit Green Tea - RM2.00
3. Star Fruit QQ CoCo Yakult Green Tea - RM2.50

Formosa Milk-Tea (500cc)
1. Formosa Earl Grey Milk Tea - RM2.00
2. Formosa Smooth Green Milk Tea - RM2.00
3. Formosa QQ Milk Tea - RM2.50 (thumbs up!)
4. Formosa CoCo Milk Tea - RM2.50
5. Formosa QQ Smooth Green Tea - RM2.50
6. Formosa CoCo Smooth Green Milk Tea - RM2.50
7. Ice Cream Green / Earl Grey Tea - RM3.00
8. QQ Horlicks - RM3.00
9. QQ Milo - RM3.00

Finger Food
1. Fresh Salad - RM2.50
2. Ham Salad - RM3.00
3. Smocked Bacon Salad - RM4.00
4. Shrimp Salad - RM4.00

5. Wild Vegetable Sandwich - RM2.50
6. Egg Sandwich - RM3.00
7. Ham Sandwich - RM3.00
8. Smocked Bacon Sandwich - RM4.00

9. Ketchup Fried Pasta - RM4.50
10. Fried Rice - RM4.00
11. Omurice - RM5.00
12. Pork Bowl - RM5.00
13. Yakisoba - RM5.00
14. Taiwan ZhaJiang Noodle - RM6.50 (a bit salty)
15. Okonomiyaki - RM8.00 (recommended)
16. Hokkaido Creamy Seafood Pasta - RM9.00

Japan's Dish
1. Bonito Kimchi - RM1.50
2. Bonito Cucumber - RM1.50
3. Squid Kombu Vinegar - RM3.00

Japan Roasted Coffee
1. Aroma Roasted Hot Coffee - RM 4.50
2. Brazilian Roasted Ice Coffee - RM4.50
3. Pure Black Roasted Coffee - RM4.50

Hot Green Tea
1. Japanese Green Tea - RM3.00
2. Japanese Wheat Green Tea - RM3.00
3. Jasmine Green Tea - RM1.50

And there you have it. No maps in this post though. It's among the row of various cafes and eateries opposite Chung Ling Butterworth.

All credits to this post goes to Aisling. Seriously, you wouldn't catch me dead writing like that.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Crepe Cottage (Gurney Drive)

Aisling heard that Crepe Cottage on Gurney Drive offered good Western food, and so we headed there to try it out.

Crepe Cottage is, in every sense of the word, really a cottage. Or more like a house on stilts. It's really small and cramped, but the atmosphere is quite cozy, like in a teashop.

They specialize in dishes served with crepe and/or pancakes. The food is OK and the prices a little higher than average but the waiting time for your orders to get to you is painstakingly long. Definitely not recommended for impatient diners.

The front of the building. Like I said, really tiny.

Some customers left as their orders took too long.

We were on the verge of leaving too; it took about an hour for our food to arrive.

Gone Bananas (a standard banana split) - RM8.50

Italian-Herbs Lambchop (Aisling didn't like the herbs and scraped them all off the meat) - RM15.50

Baked Fish with Lemon Sauce (not bad, although not very filling) -RM14.50

A map to help you find it, as always. Just drive along Gurney Drive, you can't miss it.

Oasis Beer Garden & Cafe (Tanjung Bunga)

We were at Sri Ananda Bahwan (a restaurant we might post about in the future) the other day and saw this place directly next to it and thought we might come try it out.

It's a housing lot and customers dine in the back garden, which is facing the main road. Oddly enough, they serve a mixture of Chinese cooking and Western food. Food here are not great, but acceptable, although the prices are quite high in our opinion.

Oh, and they have a special delivery service for TARC students who are living close to that area.

A view of the house from the back garden.

Chicken Cordon Bleu (basically a huge chewy chunk of meat) - RM12.80

Grilled Fish (it had quite a strong fishy smell) - RM 10.80

It's located opposite Paradise Hotel and next to Sri Ananda Bahwan.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Little Genting Siam Food (Teluk Kumbar)

Finally! Sorry for the long gap of time between posts; we were quite busy with college stuff and various events.

We headed up to Little Genting a while back. It's a Thai restaurant on a hill with an incredible view, especially during sunrise and sunset. Not many know about the place and it's quite an uncomfortable drive to and from it, but the good food, fresh air and romantic atmosphere is worth it.

The food are generally above average in taste. The curries and tom yam can be a little too spicy but we assure you, everything's delicious. Prices are quite high and vary according to the size of the dishes, which can range from feeding 2 to 8 people.

We didn't order many different dishes as there were only 5 of us and besides, we went up there mainly for the air and the view. Again, forgive us for the bad quality of the images. We're still working with a camera-phone here.

Green curry (recommended).

Deep-fried kangkung.

White tom yam (highly recommended).

Some maps to help get you there.

Beware, the mountain road leading there is not for the faint of heart.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

GoodAll's Million Mee

If you're a Penangite, you've probably heard of wantan mee, Hokkien mee, pan mee and all sorts of noodle-based dishes. But now we bring you a unique dish, called the Million Mee.

It's basically a plate of yellow noodles in a light broth with bits of sliced meat. But it tasted heavenly. I cannot possible describe the taste for you, so you'll just have to go try it yourself.

It tasted so good that we forgot to ask the vendor why is it so-called. Heck, it was so good that I ordered another one even after I just finished a large plate of western food (the first was Aisling's).

The stall.

Sorry about the photo quality. Photos are taken with a phone as we cannot afford a good camera. Yet.

GoodAll hawker place is located opposite Penang Chinese Girls' High School.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Will's Western Delight

We came out from a movie at Gurney Plaza and decided on western food. The first place we thought of was the shop next to Fatty Loh chicken rice in Tanjung Bunga. But since we couldn't find any parking space there, we decided to visit another popular place serving western food.

It's Will's Western Delights in Island Glades, near Hamid Khan High School. It's not hard to spot the place as it's close to all the many cafes there. And also, the vendors set up their business in their house, so it'll be easy to look for a house with chairs and tables on the lawn.

Grilled fish with black pepper sauce and a side of bacon. Good sauce. - RM8

Lamb-chop with garlic sauce. A VERY huge portion of lamb there ... - RM12

What the place looked like when we left ...

Some extra help from Aisling at finding the place.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oyster Porridge

It was a nice Sunday morning as Aisling and I headed out to get some brunch (we can never wake early enough for breakfast) and came to this little shop on Perak Road which sells nothing but oyster porridge.

So we took our places in a corner of the shop and when our own steaming bowl of porridge came, the wonderful smell simply took us in. It looked more like rice in a bowl of soup, but who cares, it's delicious!

They only serve one dish here, but look at the crowd and you'll know how good it is.

The very popular Perak Road oyster porridge.

The store-front.

A map, again. Thank Aisling for these.

Fatty Loh Chicken Rice

Today we visited Fatty Loh Chicken Rice at Tanjung Bunga, a very famous chicken rice vendor which has opened multiple branches in Penang.

The chicken rice was good. Better than most I've tried, and I've tried a lot. But the problem was the fact that the place was filthy. We spotted some tables with spilled chilli sauce and some which are greasy and disgusting.

We recommend you try the food, but get it to go.

Chicken rice - RM3.50
Soup of the day (which happens to be pork-belly soup today) - RM4

The store-front.

The huge chicken standing outside the store-front is pretty hard to miss.

As usual, a map to help you find your way.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

糖朝: Sugar Dynasty (Dessert)

We visited a small shop on the corner of Jalan Nagor where they sell a variety of Chinese desserts - 43, in fact. Yeah, we counted.

It's a small teashop-type place called 糖朝 (tang chao; literally Sugar Dynasty), a clever play on words refering to the Tang Dynasty (唐朝), an imperial dynasty of China, as the Chinese word for 'sugar' and the 'Tang' in Tang Dynasty are homophones.

The shop offers an amazing variety of sweets, ranging from birds' nests to red bean recipes. Other than that, there are also a selection of non-sweet dishes such as spring rolls and a variety of rice dishes and noodle dishes.

The store also provides a delivery service, but only to the Pulau Tikus and Georgetown area.

The store-front. Don't touch the bike.

It's on the very corner of the street.

The poster outside displaying the many types of desserts.

Business hours, just so you know.

From inside the shop. There's a non-smoking area deeper in.

The available options span 3 pages of their menu! And there's 43, count them.

Almond Jelly - RM3.50

Red Bean Pudding - RM3.50

Double-boiled Milk with White Fungus - RM3.50

Sweet Potato Tang Yuan (there's a dry variation of this) - RM2.50

We ordered four types of desserts to sample and greatly regretted it; the sweetness was overwhelming. So we ordered some spring rolls to neutralise the taste.

Jetty Ai Yu Bing (dessert)

Ai yu bing is a refreshing ice dessert that we enjoy very much, especially Aisling. And here's a place where you can find a stall selling our favourite. It's strange how we can love such a simple bowl of ice and syrup.

It's located next to this stall selling an assortment of skewered meat.

And also next to this stall selling laksa.

Customers enjoying their thirst-quenching ai yu bing.

Tiny. But size doesn't matter if it's good.

The front of the stall-van.

Again, Aisling's found a map to better help guide you there. It's opposite the stall selling banana fritters, the same stall we mentioned in a previous post.